You can come to Beijing

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You can come to Beijing

Dear Columpus Columbus

Hi, I am your friend David from Beijing. As you said, you will move to Mohe next month. I suggest you to come to Beijing instead of Mohe.

Mohe is the northernmost city in China. You need hours from Mohe to Harbin. The transportation takes long time. Also, the weather is terrible there. You can imagine how cold it is in the northernmost city. Besides, Mohe is just a poor city, it has almost nothing.

You can come to Beijing. Beijing is a very developed city. You can have many things here. You can choose many kinds of transportation. Buses are very popular. You can see them everywhere. Beijing has at least 15 lines of subways. You can also ride sharing bikes.

Beijing has many beautiful and famous places, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tian An Men square. They are all famous around the world.

Beijing’s education is very advanced. We have many schools with good teachers. You can come to my school.

I hope you will come to Bejing.

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