Work three days a week for long hours

TOEFL Essay Topic 178 - The 21st century has begun. What changes do you think this new century will bring? Use examples and details in your answer.

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Work three days a week for long hours

Adults are supposed to have a job, whether we like it or not, to earn a living. We can though have a wide spectrum of job to choose: different job positions, different working time and different working locations. It is not uncommon that people’s choices vary, and for me, I prefer a job requiring me to work three days a week but relatively more hours on the whole.

Travelling takes up most of my leisure time. When I was in college, I went travelling every vacation – a long-distance journey if the vacation was long enough and a trip to nearby cities if I only have 3 day off. I can relax during trips and reboost myself for the upcoming school life. This is not restricted to school days. If I am able to take journeys occasionally, there is no doubt that I could be more enthusiatic about work. And working only three days a week makes it possible for me to visit some places not too far every week.

Plus, my performance become better as time goes by. By that I mean, I cannot concentrate on my work in the first hour while after three hours of continuous work, my effiency would largely improve. Usually, I do the most challenging part of my work in the last because there is more possibilities for me to work it out. Working a long time everyday seems like a better choice for me in terms of personal development.

There are seven days a week; thus, I have four days saved for myself. Not only can I travel as I mentioned above, but I can probably find another job to earn more money. I am now26 years old and it is the right time for me to consider to settle down— buying or renting a house, getting married and raising kids. They are all very demanding in money. I can earn double salary after getting another job with simialr payment. In consequence, that kind of job enables me to provide myself a better life.

For those reasons, I am sure that I will choose the former job.

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