Without a question, some people would prefer to do exactly what they already do well while others may consider the

TOEFL Essay Topic 50 - Some people like to do only what they already do well. Other people prefer to try new things and take risks. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

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Without a question, some people would prefer to do exactly what they already do well while others may consider the

Without a question, some people would prefer to do exactly what they already do well while others may consider the opposite point of views, and take some risks trying new things. As far as I am concern, I prefer to do what I already do well. At my adult age, I experienced different things along my life, and I took my own risks that helped me to decided what I like most to do and what is the best for me.

First of all, young people usually embrace the experience of new things as they are usually in search of their own identity and different options for their future. Taking risk, in this early time of our life is part of our learning and the healthy action to take. On the contrary, being an adult, as I am, things turn to be more clear and pragmatic. For instant, in adult time, the responsibility of taking care of a family makes us to slow down and provide a secure income. Consequently, as I am an adult with resposabilities, I would rather to do what I already do well when professional activity refer.

Secondly, beside what age you are, be an expert or enjoying what you do well would reduce the level of stress that can affect a person. For example, all of us can remember our first day in a job, how stressful could be because we need to learn many things in a short time. In fact, stress is a very unhealthy thing to experience in a high level and for a long period of time. Thus, I like to take care of my health by keeping those stressful moments, that a new activity could provoke, as less as possible.

Finally, it is important to remark that doing something that you already do well could means some expertise very well paid. By this token, experience and professionalims can result in the benefit of a higher income salary and better level of life. For instance, as a video editor for so many years my name is already positioned in the market as synonim of good work, so I can charge higher rates for my hours working.

In summary, based on the arguments explained above I consider that for an adult person, as I am, I prefer to do things that I already do well.

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