Will modern technology replace the book

IELTS Essay Topic 1007 - Will modern technology, such as the internet ever replace the book or the written word as the main source of information?

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Will modern technology replace the book

20 years ago my father graduated. When he was studying, there was not cutting edge devices such as computers, smart phone so he must have used books for his studying and doing his exercise, he said he had gone to library for borrowing the books needed them that’s why it was so time consuming but nowadays technology has advanced . On the one hand it has helped students access to information far quicker and more convenient than the past on the other hand with emerging technology they gain a wide varieties of information.

Basically internet and computers cause students to obtain data sources in the blink of an eye because they do not need to go to library or book store and they study books and articles by just soe clicks and it is really faster . as an example when I studied for master’s degree , I worked on a research project , I collected information through internet , in addition to studying plenty of articles, if I did not have internet , I should waste a lot of time for finding books.

Last but not least internet is a way to achieve a load of information in every fields , since typing some key words in Google as a search engine gives you various kinds of data sources.
Eventually as far as I’m concerned introduction of modern technology has caused a big change in researching process. It not only has become so faster but also you have access different kinds of information. Everybody should support the improvement of technology and I hope technology would replace books or written word.

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