Will internet ever replace book ?

IELTS Essay Topic 1007 - Will modern technology, such as the internet ever replace the book or the written word as the main source of information?

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Will internet ever replace book ?

Technology has advanced highly in recent years. Our lives have improved a lot because of this development of technology. One of them that changed our lives is the progress of computer. Even books now are electronically. Some believe that this is great; other disagree . In my view, the internet has developed so much that in few decades will replace book mostly. I have my reasons to support that.

To begin with, the internet is faster and convenient that the book. We now find easier to read books and information on the internet than reading a book. To look for a data in the book , you need first to locate the book, to find the right chapter related and then to look for the information that you need. On the other hand, on the internet, you can find something in minutes, without losing time. For students that are interested in studying fast internet is amazing. I am a second-year student at NOVA. I don’t have too much income and I need to work a part-time job at the same time . My time is precious and the computer saves it. As you can see if I wouldn’t have the computer I didn’t have the time to work

to work .

Another reason is more enjoyable. Is common those days to see everybody with an electronic device with. With a computer in hand, you can have the chance not just to study but to enjoy your free time. Also, is a connection between us and families. For instance , my sister Kayla is married with two children. During her free time, she tries to connect with her friends through social media and enjoy the time with them. Also, she calls me often to now how I am doing. Before, when I just begin the school , I didn’t have the computer. My sister needs to call me or wait for me to go there at weekend or middle of the weekend.
This experience taught how important computer is now.

In sum, the computer has improved our lives, and little by little is switching the book. Not only is faster but is more enjoyable too. Everybody should support the improvement of technology.

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