why movies are so popular

TOEFL Essay Topic 183 - Films can tell us a lot about the country where they were made. What have you learned about a country from watching its movies? Use specific examples and details to support your response.

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why movies are so popular

One of the most popular pastimes today is movie-going,with what started as moving pictures shows has dramatically developed into an industry that spend around millions of dollars while still turning a gigantic profit.

Movies are so popular because they are have most fascinating and are satisfied with illusion of people,for instance,we can enjoy the dinosaurs,spaceship,and something scary on screen,even something that we unbelievable.for these simple reason that abstract numorous people spent money to buy ticket to cinema,or buy some DVD to watch at home,people can relax themselves after heavy work,they will forget everything but the story in action on is must have been much easier to see a movie than to read a novel,they can involve the world and enjoy the impact on vision and hearing,to imagine that themself locate in the real world.

Furthermore,movies have magic power to let people involve in ficiton,they make dreams about love,inventure of terrible envoriments and so on,maybe you imagine yourself to the characater in the movie,eery breath the character takes,all seem to happen around,and clearly sensible.

On other hand,moves are so popular because people can comprehend somethings about another country,such as culture,economy,habit and so on,for instance,my favorite movie is “autobiography of napoleon”,i did not konw about history of france,beside the military affairs,i have understanded the military affairs and the history of france,it helped me with study history.

In conlusion,movies are so popular due to they account for the sipirit of one country,also provide us a place and continue to bring us what we want to see in sight and what we want to feel in heart.

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