Why Do People Feel Isolated from Each Other

IELTS Essay Topic 707 - Why Do People Feel Isolated from Each Other and what are the solutions?

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Why Do People Feel Isolated from Each Other

It is not a big news that in today’s urban societies a great part of people feel lonely and not because they lack contact with other people, but because they lack intimacy. Being a part of a crowd and feeling abandoned and not needed is a common situation in big cities around the world. Let’s try to look at this issue from different angles and find the roots of the problem.

In the past 20 years one trend has been strongly developing and spreading all over the world. And this trend is self-development. There is a number of advantages that this phenomenon brings along, such as self-education, health awareness, constant self-motivation, sports cult. Of course individuals and the society in general benefits from that trend a lot. Eventually people become more conscious not only about themselves but about the community they live in. But there is a tricky moment in this “self” cult. There is too much ego in it.

Ego is a very controversial concept. By one half of philosophers and psichologists it is considered as our mind and our self-consciousness or by second half as a part of our mind which is opposed to our soul. I stick to the socond opinion. Ego is something that drives us apart from other people not on the surface, but on a deeper level. On the very level at which we can establish reallly close, intimate relations. Very strong ego makes us concentrate on ourselves, and constantly think of how we look and what other people think of us. It is the ego that forces us to build the walls between us and other people. When ego takes over us we no longer care about our close people and their needs we can only think of self-discipline and development. That leads us to the situation when we start living just for ourselves.

To resolve this problem of loneliness we should first establish our concrete goal, in other words, find out what is the opposite of loneliness. I think the opposite of loneliness is feeling engaged in something big and important, feling a part of a process.And the way to get there is to let go of ego. That is the only way to break the wall between us and the rest of the world. You can’t imagine how better you will feel once you truly relax and let go of your tensions. Once you stop concentrating to that great extent on yourself and start paying attention to the people around you will realize that they are just like you, with their problems, complexes and anxieties. Just try to forget about yourself for a moment and figure out what you can do to help those who are around. You will soon discover that this constant search for “What can I do next to help someone?” brings you an unbelievable joy and hapiness and lets you establish close relations with people who share your world outlook.

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