why do people feel isolated ah

IELTS Essay Topic 707 - Why Do People Feel Isolated from Each Other and what are the solutions?

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why do people feel isolated ah

In modern life people fell isolated. There are so many regions behind loneliness and isolation.Today no one has that much time to spend with others and share one’s feelings . Today because of work load , family problems people are busy with their life style . some people feels isolated and totally cut off from the Society.

First of all because of lack of friend circle in the society people feels isolated for example if somebody have a lot of friend he can enjoy alot, he will never feel isolated and neglected.he can improve interpersonal relationship he can share his happyness and sorrowness with his friends .He can plays games like basketball . table tennis and other indoor gammes like puzzeles and amuses alot.So this is the only way to get rid of all the problems of life like loneliness and boredom and being neglected from the society.

Secondly because of the lack of interpersonal relationships people feel isolated.Everybody should improve his interpersonal relationship with others so that you being praised by others . your friends praised you for your efferts , in this way you also feel happy and you will not feel isolated. If you have good friends you can enjoy alot and you will not feel isolated.

Thirdly , because of lack of activity and lack of relatives you feel sasolated.In my point of view you have to visit another places and makeing friends and learn their culture and learn others good things is the best things by which you will not feel isolated you have to go in parties and make friends doing good thigs and devlop your hobbies makes your life easier and far from isolated.

In conclusion , if you have good friend circle and yopu have good interpersonal skills you will never feel isolated and neglected . So Everbody should improve their skills.

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