Who has responsibility for our old people?

IELTS Essay Topic 725 - Who has responsible for our old people?

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Who has responsibility for our old people?

With decreasing of the birth rate and increasing of the proportion of the old population in today’s society, the problem ,who should care for
our elders crucial one.The nature of the problem is very delicate and finding a solution not easy. However , the ball is in our hands,we are those who have to find out the answer of this question.Today we are young and may be don’t care who will going to take the responsibility , but tomorrow will come our turn and we will suffer if the problem is still unsolved.

Our ancestors have given a righteous solution of the problem hundreds of years ago, but their resolution seams strange and unacceptable for us ,because we have become selfish and irresponsible.The care for our parents is undoubtedly a responsibility of our generation,so we have to admit the fact and accept our lot.
When we were young and still incapable of caring for ourselves, our parents didn’t ask themselves, who should care for our children.They just have raise us properly, doesn’t matter what it cost them.Now, is our turn to reciprocate to what they have done for us, and be fire with our elders,because we own them much.

Although, some people may argue that this is a responsibility of the government and society, to take care for the old generation, i would say only, we are the governors of our countries and representative of this society,so in other words we are in charge.Of cores, the government should support us and our old predecessors but the mine
task of cares for the elder part of our society is ours.We should do all
which is necessary for the old people , so to make the rest of their life
not only bearable but enjoyable for them.If every one accepts the fact that nobody except us should take care for our old population, the things will fit on their places and the world will be better.

If we stop thinking for ourselves only and realize,that mature individual is one , who lives for the others,nobody will ask himself questions of this kind, because the answer is hidden in our personal maturity.Our parents are our responsibility ,as we were theirs in our early years.

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