Who decide a child’s success in school

TOEFL Essay Topic 66 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Classmates are a more important influence than parents on a child`s success in school. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Who decide a child’s success in school

What children learn at school is not only subjects such as mathematics, science or geography. They learn how they should behave as a member of the society. Some people think that whether a child can do well in school depends on his parents. However, I strongly believe that classmates are more significant than parents on his success in school. I have several reasons to support my opinion.

First and foremost, a child spends his time in school without being paid attention to by his parents. Parents cannot advice each of his behaviors there. Instead, who looks at him all the time is his classmates. They can give him much helpful advice about both study and behavior. For example they can teach him if he cannot make out a math problem and he had quarrel with his classmates. Besides, children learn how they should act or study through his own observation on others. For instance, if his classmates are studying hard, he will realize he has to listen carefully to what teacher says and get a high score at exam in order not to be left behind them. If his friends did good things and praised by their teachers, he will hope to behave politely like them and be extoled by his teachers. Thus, since parents cannot commit every action of their children in school, whom they learn to live from is their classmates.

Second, a child can learn what his parents cannot teach in school. For example, our school had a drama contest every year and each class prepare for it for a long time. We discussed what play we should perform and decide what role each of us play in the meeting. Then we practice many times. There are sometimes quarrels in this process but all experiences are valuable for our lives. We cannot play a drama only with my parents or have a serious discussion with our parents. We cannot have experiences like this without the presence of classmates.

In conclusion, I argue that classmates’ impact are more essential on a student’s success in school. Nevertheless it is true that parents affect a child’s success, classmates influence is more significant.

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