While some people believe that success can be achived by working hard, others think that success is strongly related to

TOEFL Essay Topic 10 - When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success." Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

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While some people believe that success can be achived by working hard, others think that success is strongly related to

While some people believe that success can be achived by working hard, others think that success is strongly related to luck. The later depends their lives greatly on prophecy and think that they can not be successful without luck. However, in my point of view, I think that many factors but luck can support people`s success. To strengthen my idea, I exemplified below 2 kinds of great success in one`s own lives; education and carrier.

Success in education can be obtained from perseverance. Before graduation, we have to take many courses and pass many exams. It is strange that someone could pass tests without studying, so it can be said that he or she was lucky at that time. However, can it be concluded that luck help him or her success? In my idea, success in education means one can not only pass all requisite exams but also gain knowledge from what we have learnt. Thus, it is apparent that students can not succeed without hardworking, even though they can pass some tests by luck. Luck may allure us from the reality. Without perseverance, copious luck could not make anyone real success.

Success in occupation is also what everyone want. The accomplishment in carrier is concerned with many factors such as dexterity, like, deligence and so on but luck has no place for this success. Although someone can probably get a good position by luck, he or she will be laid off soon if that work is more diffucult than his or her ability. Luck, again, just distorts us from the reality and its result does not deserve to be called "success"

In conclusion, success can be not easily obtained only by luck. Many variables such as hard working, expertise and like may lead us to be successful but I am certain that luck plays no part in our success.

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