which place one prefer to live

TOEFL Essay Topic 9 - Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you prefer to live in? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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which place one prefer to live

there are so many people in the world and everybody has different choice and different taste for living , dressing and eating etc . it depends on other factors also , one ‘s envoirnment , his finacial conditions , his family ‘s influence . So by seeeing this everyone has different choice . some prefer to live in cities and others in small town . both have its adv. and disadvantages also.

Living in a big city has so many advantages . a person can get all the modren life facilities in the city . good job opportunities , transportation system , so many other kinds of businee one can open and run it . There are all the places for fun , to enjoy holidays like movie theatures , zoos , entertainment places , like beaches , lakes , amusement parks etc . All the mopdrenn technology one can use like computers , internetr services , etc . The biggest adv. is for children – the equcation system , there are so many affiliated school and colleges , one can get through it , for higher study there are universities also . Students can choose their major and make thesis on it , choose them as their carrier . there are so many types of games for children like video games , other sports in the schoolsthat maketheir brain more creative .

Most of the people enjoy living in big cities but there are so many advantages of living in a small town . the town’s life is more simple , people live calm and do their work more effiently . Even government support the villeges , they provide them good schools and other tranportation systems also . There is nothing like that people living in the small towns can not achieve sucess . e.g in india most of the prime ministers like nehru gandhi , gandhi ji , murarji desai they all belonged to poor families and small towns .Even the people of town do farming etc , theyb are now aware of new life , want to do something in their lives .

On the other hand there are so many disadvantages living in both city and a town .In a city there is too much crowd , the population is overloaded , the compitition for everything is worst . There is so much pollution because of factories , companies , and big industeries. they children , elders ,everybody get affected from some kind of diseases . because they can not get fresh air .The other side in the villeges even the govt gives so many facilities but there are still so many problems are there , no proper staff , no sports for children , no transportation , even people cut from city life .

At the end , every place has their own advantages nad disadvantages , it is upto us where we prefer to live according to our situations.

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