Whether a nation’s greatness can be measured by the quality

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Whether a nation’s greatness can be measured by the quality

The statement talks about the debatable issue of whether a nation’s greatness can be measured by the quality and achievements of its notable sons and daughters like artists, scientists and rulers or by the overall welfare of all its people. Indeed, looking at the achievements of the rulers and notable people may seem to indicate the greatness of the nation. However, they only make up a small percent of the population and don’t show us the complete picture. As a result, I believe that a nation’s greatness can be measured by how well all of the people are doing in every aspect.

First of all, the general population’s welfare does not exclude anyone’s situation. I would like to focus on the point that, if we look at only the notable people’s achievements, we are examining a small percentage of the population and it may not be a good estimator about how great a nation is. To clarify, let us consider the example that one quantum physicist from a rich family of a particular nation won the Nobel prize. We can hastily conclude that the nation of that physicist is great but if we look closely, we can see that the he got the education because he had the wealth. But, for overall population, that level of education is very difficult to get. We can clearly see here, that the achievement of a notable person is not showing the right picture of a nation.

Furthermore, the general welfare of the whole population tells us about the present story whereas the notable people’s achievements may tell us about the nation’s situation of past. For example, in 1920, there was a surge of writers who got Pulitzer prize due to mentorship of a great author of that time. The fame is present till now but the overall quality of authors of that nation is not upto the par. The evidence points to the fact that achievements of specific persons can give the wrong idea of a nation.

Moreover, a section of the general population can have greater privilleges than the other. For instance, the rulers of a nation did great things only for the rich people and the history books only appreciated the rulers’ works and the general population was very poor and unhappy. Although, the works done & the policies implemented by some notable people can shape the whole nation and thrust it towards betterment. there is no surity that the motivation is carried on by the next generations. So, the above case is not adequate to claim that the achievements of great persons and rulers indicate the status of the nation clearly. Only the overall status of the general population can confirm that.

From the overall analysis, I agree more with the fact that the situation of general population of a nation draws a more clearer picture of the nation.

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