When we turn on the TV set we see many prosperous people working in different fields. We see musicians, politicians,

TOEFL Essay Topic 10 - When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success." Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

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When we turn on the TV set we see many prosperous people working in different fields. We see musicians, politicians,

When we turn on the TV set we see many prosperous people working in different fields. We see musicians, politicians, actors, actresses, businesswoman and many more. Are they work hard or their success is as result only of their luck ?Nothing can replace hard work, but working hard also means you`re preparing yourself for opportunity. But opportunity always depends on luck. So I completely disagree that people succeed only because of hard work. In the following essay I will give some reasons supporting this idea.

In the first place I would like to explain the meaning of the conception `successful people`. This notion has two sides: to be prosperous in your work and in your personal life, these two things make people happy. And for that reason luck is necessary to became people successful.

To succeed in work you could find out what really you want to do, to discover your hidden talants, and to be on the properly place in the right time ,to be noticed and distinguished from the other people, which very often depends on your luck. For example if you are on a job interview you don`t know your employer, and don`t know what kind of answer to his question and what appearance will like him most , or enough to choose you from many candidates. So in this moment when your degrees and certificates don`t meet the case you rely only on your intuition and luck. In some situations all the hard work and talent in the world can`t make up for bad luck. However, hard work can invite good luck.

To succeed in your personal life you also need luck to meet suitable people.Everyone wants to have good freinds and make everything possible to find them .But as a rule the best friends are meet by a lucky mistake or a lucky chance,so and in this case luck is very importatant. On the other hand to find an appropriate partner in life with whom to create a family also depends on luck.Luck can mean being in the right place to meet someone, or it might mean turning down an offer and then having a better offer come along.

On the whole,people who work hard help make their own luck by being ready when opportunity apears. When it comes to success, I think that hard work and luck go hand in hand.

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