When talking about working, some people always complain a lot about it. They regard working as affliction which means hardship,

TOEFL Essay Topic 48 - People work because they need money to live. What are some other reasons that people work? Discuss one or more of these reasons. Use specific examples and details to support your answer.

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When talking about working, some people always complain a lot about it. They regard working as affliction which means hardship,

When talking about working, some people always complain a lot about it. They regard working as affliction which means hardship, vapidity and low earnings. They may even dream that they can also live a happy life without working. But as we all know, that won’t come true. Everyone needs to work for many different reasons. I believe the three most common reasons is to acquire knowledge, to seek fame and to enjoy life.

In the first place, we work to practice our skills and we have to learn many aspects of knowledge to solve the problems and to overcome difficulties. So working makes us skillful and effortless. The experiences we learn from working are the most important wealth. They are the major sources of wisdom. If we don’t work, how can we improve our intelligence and then how can we create wonderful lives?

In the second place, we work to realize our value by producing large amount of goods and serving the others. Farmer is not a farmer until he plant corps, teacher is not a teacher until she instruct classes. They all have their responsibility and they also receive our respects because of their contributions to the society.That’s the meaning of the life, which gives us courage and confidence to exert our powers to build happy home.

In addition , we work to keep us healthy. We can communicate with each other during work. Meanwhile,we are helpd and encouraged all together. However, If we don’t work, we will become torpid and fat. We have to work to relieve our pressure. When you do something you are very competent to, you will view it as a kind of entertainment. You even find joy from them.

In conclusion, I believe working is a tool by with we can make a key to the gate of knowledge, it is a road which leads to tomorrow, and it is a drug which can keep us fit. All in all, working provides us so much that I love work.

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