When it comes to the issue about the better thing between imagination and experience, people’s opinion differs from person to

GRE Essay Topic 332 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Sometimes imagination is a more valuable asset than experience. People who lack experience are free to imagine what is possible and thus can approach a task without constraints of established habits and attitudes."

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When it comes to the issue about the better thing between imagination and experience, people’s opinion differs from person to

When it comes to the issue about the better thing between imagination and experience, people’s opinion differs from person to person, and culture to culture. Some prefer imagination to experience due to being free of old fashion thoughts, while others choose experience owing to being more professional. On a personal level, I suggest that it depends on what kind of work we involved in to determine which one, imagination or experience, is more valuable.

It is true that our imagination will be much free without certain experience. Generally, we gain the common sense from the daily experience, which will constrain our other thoughts to some extent. It is clear that a person who sees the sun coming from the east will hardly conflict with himself that why the sun does not come from his house, which question could be come up with from a kid. Another point is that people who lack experience may seek for plenty of ways to solve the current problem but not only focus on the effective way he has already known. However, when taking more aspects into consideration, some works cannot be done well with only imagination. And even the people who need the imagination most, like artists, cannot finish their great works without certain experience. Apparently, artworks, such as music, poem, and painting, are created based on the imagination of the artists as well as their experience from the reality.

On the other hand, many jobs rely on the cumulative experience, which will help such kind of occupations to be more professional. For instance, we usually trust a doctor who has more than ten years experience, which means he greatly probably is an expert in his field and can give their patient more sense of safety. Indeed, older doctors generally do better during some tough and complicated operations, which require acute judgment procured from the experience. Besides, such kind of job does not need much imagination. Sometimes, on the contrary, people who lack experience can mess a thing up.

As a matter of fact, it is hard to tell the priority between imagination and experience. Different vocations prefer different personalities. As far as I am concerned, both imagination and experience are important and valuable in our daily life, from child to adult. And it will be better if a child can learn more useful experience, which may help him find his way when he loses in a city, and if an adult can throw some of his stubborn thought and try to think the things in another way, which may assist his project to be more creative.

In short, from what has been discussed above, we can safely draw a conclusion that it is hard to say which one is more precious between imagination and experience. However, different job or work requires the different ratio of imagination and experience. Only realize which personality is more crucial to us can we live a better life.

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