What is the definition of a good teacher? First, she( please allow me to use "she") should have a

TOEFL Essay Topic 2 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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What is the definition of a good teacher? First, she( please allow me to use "she") should have a

What is the definition of a good teacher? First, she( please allow me to use "she") should have a wide range of knowledge. Second, she should have a kind heart and patience. Third, she should know how to teach children, not only knowledge, but also how to be a good person.

Now we have defined a good teacher, let`s compare them with our parents.

Doubtless our parents are always very kind with us, and they also have great patience to us.They teach us how to ride a bicycle after work, encourage us when we fall upon the ground. They are seldom impatient with our endless questions. They are always a great guide, I would love to consider them great teachers if they have enough knowledge to teach children.

However, most parents don`t have enough systemic knowledge to teach their children. Have you ever had this kind of expierence? You have got a math problem, you couldn`t solve it. Your mother came into your room and tried to help you. She got the right answer at once, but no matter how she explained , you could hardly understand. This is the problem. parents are usually helpless with children`s school work. That is why there are professinal teachers at schools. To be a good teacher, you not only need a heart filled with love and patience, you also need some methods and a complete system of knowledge. Teachers go to special schools to learn those methods, so they can usually do a much better job than parents. Teaching is really a complicated work, it needs a lot of time which parents have to spend on their own work. They don`t have enough time to be a good teacher even if they have the ability.

Parents tell us what is right and what is wrong, they tell us how to be good people, they tell us everything which would help us to grow. They are good teachers as they are parents first, but unfortunately, they are not good teachers comparing with a professional one. We also cannot have such a high repuirments to them, just good parents, that would be great.

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