What do you think of games

GENERAL Essay Topic 2017 - Are Video games good for you?

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What do you think of games

Games, significant parts in students’ daily life, have been valued and even triggered a heated discussion about whether young students should be allowed to play video games. In many people’s opinions, video games will distract students and is a waste of time. Contrary to their opinions is my perspective that video games can bring benefits to both students’ academics and personal development.

What must be prioritized is that video games can help students improving their study. Initially, it is playing games that inspire students’ interest to learn more knowledge. To be more specific, the fancy contents of video games such as the beautiful landscapes, the complex and mysterious background stories and those charming game characters will create information gaps between the students’ current knowledge and the enchanting world in the games, and thus stimulate their enthusiasm in seeking the missing information to bridge the gaps. What’s more, not only can video games trigger students’ interests, they can also improve the study efficiency of them. In detail, never can we ignore the fact that enjoying video games can help students release their pressure and relax their stressed mind, which makes them have good mental conditions and clear brains to study more efficiently. Among students, loving playing video games very much, is a student from Peking University. The more he plays the game World of the Warcraft, the more he becomes interested in the brilliant epic stories of the game, which inspires his passion in studying more expertise of history. In addition, with the healthy and relaxed mind the game gives him, he is more energetic to learn with a high efficiency.

What is equally worth discussing is that video games can also assist students in their personal advancement. Firstly, only via playing video games can students develop their interpersonal skills online. Specifically, under no circumstances can we ignore that students can meet many diversified players and many bosses that have to be defeated by several people, which forces them to communicate with other players and work together, and thus their interpersonal skills are honed. Furthermore, it is games that improve their time-management skills. To explain further, students have to balance the time of study and games, so they will learn how to prioritize things. A survey conducted by sociologists in Harvard, aiming to find the good effects of video games to students, suggests that it can help students develop their personal skills. According to an interviewee, if he had not played video games, he wouldn’t have made so many friends in the games and learnt the skills to cooperate with them. Also, to realize the balance of his study and game, he tried his best to learn the knowledge to manage his own time and the ability to prioritize things.
Academics of students, can be improved by video games, as illustrated in the example of the student from Peking University. Personal development of students, will also be advanced by games, as exemplified by the survey of Harvard. In conclusion, only by playing video games can students’ study and personal development be benefited.

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