We can find that some people prefer to eat at stands or restaurants, meanwhile others like preparing and eating at

TOEFL Essay Topic 13 - Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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We can find that some people prefer to eat at stands or restaurants, meanwhile others like preparing and eating at

We can find that some people prefer to eat at stands or restaurants, meanwhile others like preparing and eating at home. It depends on personal lifestyles they have. From my point of view, I prefer to prepare and eat at home rather than eat at food stands or restaurants if I have enough time. I would like to explain why I choose this point.

Preparing and eating food at home means that you can choose the food that you like most and you can arrange nutrient food for your health. For example, when you want to lose your weight, you probably choose kinds of vegetables that you want. You do not need worry about the food whether it fits your taste or not when you eat at home.

Another reason can be seen by everyone is that it is very expensive to eat at food stands or restaurants. When you go out for a regular dinner, you will pay ten times or more money than eat at home. Maybe this money will be enough to support your food for one week at home. You may not pay much money for eating at food stand for having lunch, but I think that money still can feed the whole family at home.

Moreover, a more personal reason why I like eating at home is that I can entirely relax myself when I have my dinner. For instance, if I go out eating, I have to pay attention to my clothing. Sometimes I have a dinner with some friends, I must notice my behavior and what I say. In these cases, I feel a little bit nervous. On the contrary, if I prepare and eat at home, I feel very free. When I prepare the food in the kitchen I can listen to the music; when I sit at table for dinner I can watch television. How comfortable I am!

Another, I feel that some disadvantages are more obvious when you eat at stands or restaurants. Sometimes you must sit at table waiting for food for a long time, or you have to taste the food that you don`t like, or you pay the bill standing in a long line.

From what has been discussed above, I can draw the conclusion that preparing and eating at home fits me better in these ways: keeping my healthy, saving money, and relaxing myself.

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