TOEFL Essay Topic 127 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Reading fiction (such as novels and short stories) is more enjoyable than watching movies. Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

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Some people may prefer to read a book to watching a movie, because written form of novel can stimulate your imagination unlimitedly. The two factors enable me to like watching a movie more than read a book: Visual and sound aids from a movie.

There is no doubt that visual aid has a big advantage for a movie. Many people are facisnated by a sophisticated movie action from Hallywood movie. Let’s think about the famous movie of Starwars, which has excited hundreds of thousands people all over tha world due to its elaborate sceen of wars in space. My love for this movie is so strong that I read a novel ver of Starwars, but I am disappointed at the book ver of Starwars. Without help of visual aid, the Starwars becomes a boaring story. The sceen of space jats chasing the enemies, or the battle sceen of light saver stimulates me so much. The visual aid gives us more excitement than does a novel.

Not only the visual aid, but also the sound help plays a significant role to enpower the excitement of a movie. It is obvious that the novel world is silent, but in a movie, various kinds of music help the story. La La Land, the muscial style of Romantic movie in US, is famous about elaboration of its music. Sometime, people in the movie starts dancing with music and music itself expresses the feeling of people in the movie. The collaboration of movie and music is one of the most attractive point of this movie. The book, however, cannot play a music. Sound help also provides a movie with the tips of excitement.

Those who are enthusiastic about a novel say that the unlimitation of a imagination from novel is a big advantage of novel. We can freely stimulate our imagination from novel. However, recent technology of visual aid such as CG technique surpasses our imagination. The story of starwars in the movie sometimes is beyond our expectation.

Thanks to the visual, and sound support from the movie serves a big advantage as I mentioned above, and therefore, I believe that watching a movie is more enjoyable than reading a book.

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