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TOEFL Essay Topic 48 - People work because they need money to live. What are some other reasons that people work? Discuss one or more of these reasons. Use specific examples and details to support your answer.

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I choose University of Wisconsin-Madison because I think it fits me. I am attracted by the AMEP program, I dream to dive in the Center of East Asian Studies to see how China is viewed in foreign eyes, and I am eager to participate in Badgers Empowering Women to break the social constrain for wome...

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Almost all of the citizens in the world need to work in order to earn money to live. However, there are some reasons why people work other than money to live. I like to introduce my ideas why we work by using following reasons.

First of all, you need to live for something. On the other words, you need to have a theme of your life. There are some people who are said to be able to earn more than they actually earned. One of those who is a public officer of central government in Japan. They work from early morning till late night or even next morning depends on the situation. Even though their salary is lower than average of their counterparts of private companies, they are satisfied with their job. Because the officers can feel they are working for public good or for future of the nation, they can work hard. This example shows that the most important reason why you work is to make your life meaningful.

In addition to the meaning of the life, another reason for working is to have a social connection. Imagine if you were very rich and have so much money that you do not need to receive wages from an employer. What would you like to do? You might go to trip all over the world. However, you will feel sadness or loneliness eventually. The life only with consumption will be tough: the waiter in a restaurant or porter in a hotel could be the only person who talks to you. For instance, there are many people who get tired of their life right after their retirement from their occupation. And those of who will start searching new part-time job. In Japan, many people who worked as white-caller job search an “easy” job which is not related to what they have done before retirement. Even though they have enough money, they do a job like cleaning up the local road. They are not searching a job for money, but they are searching for the place to be in the society. As this instance shows, you need to communicate with someone else. In order to have a connection with the society, you should do something. Therefore it is important for you to work even though you have enough money to live.

In conclusion, I would like to insist that working is the important thing that can make your life worth and can help you from being lonely.

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