university next door

TOEFL Essay Topic 113 - Some people think that your community would be a good place to locate the university. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a new university in your community. Use specific details in your discussion.

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university next door

In general, everyone accept that universities are the center of many good things such as smart people, knowledge, technology etc. Even university affect us both good and bad side. I also think that it is wonderful if any university will be establish nearby my home by several reasons.

Filling with academic atmosphere, I love smart people that talk easily. It is great that communicate to the others and correctly understand. I have many terrified experience with unwise people. After we make a deal, they make mistake immediately and that closely explosion in my home. So, the smart people around me is should make my life better. In addition, these people can practice me indirectly. That I will see them talk and discuss in their expert knowledge. It make me execercise my idea and my brain as well.

Growing community, my community will be growing and extending rapidly after university appear. In one reason, many students and staffs are stay in my home town. It cause an extension in economy for example grocery, restaurant, dormatory and computer shop. Both professors and students can not exist if they lack of these. Of course, these careers are most local people that built it for university people.

Advicing in any topic, university have many research topics. Some of them should be help people nearby the university. So, it is make sense that after university present my community will be better.

In conclusion, university have many influences to both structure of community and local people. Many of my good points that I show affect in better way that everyone can not rejected that university in community is a very wonderful idea for develop themselves.

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