University is part of an academic vision; it’s an integral and important field in the process of learning. Therefore, building

TOEFL Essay Topic 113 - Some people think that your community would be a good place to locate the university. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a new university in your community. Use specific details in your discussion.

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University is part of an academic vision; it's an integral and important field in the process of learning. Therefore, building a university at my community is a great step which bring about numerous advantages and merits to both alumni and society. However, a great university demands a huge consu...

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Founding university Score: 4.5 October 20th, 2016 by abcabc abcabc

People may say that my neighborhood is inferior place to found the university. However in my opinion, I believe that my community is a suitable place for the school. There are several reasons to support my idea.

First of all, my town is calm and neat. This town is the best place for concentrating on studying or research, and this community would help such activities in the university. As for me, I could study hard in such a silent place when I was a high student. Thanks for that, I could be awarded by a famous math institute in Japan. This example clearly illustrates my opinion.

Second, our community has highly advanced transportation system. University students can use prudently constructed subway and train network, and so, this town is very convenient for those students. I can also go to supermarket, hospital, library, and sports center easily with the transportation measures. Here is also suitable place to build a dormitory. This fact strongly support my opinion.

But, I cannot deny the fact that there may be a disadvantage for founding the university. This community is far from big cities. It spends more than 3 hours to go to the nearest big city, Tokyo. This aspect of my town may make it difficult to access a new information which is daily produced in big cities. However, we can overcome this defect of my community by using IT technologies such as internet or skype. So this does not necessary prevent constructing a university in this community.

Therefore, in my opinion, I strongly think that locating the university in our community should be proceeded. The facts I stated above is the reasons why I think so, and these facts undoubtly supports my idea.

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