Universities should invest in sports activities

TOEFL Essay Topic 85 - A foreign visitor has only one day to spend in your country. Where should this visitor go on that day? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

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In Japan, where I live, many universities invest a lot of money in the development of a facility where students study such as libraries. On the other hand, the universities does not encourage student's sports activities as much as they do their facility. Actually there are few fans of university ...

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Kyoto is best place to visit Score: 4 April 17th, 2018 by hi

It is very difficult question for who live in Japan, my country to pick up where the foreign people should go if they have only one day. It should be the place where you feel Japan and can enjoy. I would recommend the Kyoto is the best place to visit for the following reasons.

First of all, it is the place where holds many ancient Japanese buildings. Kyoto used to be the center of the politics in ancient history. And it has many temples and shrines like Kiyomizu-dera. Kiyomizu-dera is good example of finest ancient architect technology. Which has a stage whose height is about thirty meters and does not using any iron nails for construction. And it is hundreds years old without being rebuilt. You will feel greatness of Japanese ancient technology. And there are many heritage like this and they are looks quite neat and interesting.Therefore, you should experience the adventure to the old architectures to feel Japanese ancient mood and to be impressed the techniques.

Secondly, there are many restaurants which you would not regret visiting even if you can visit only those restaurants. Typically, these restaurants hold many good cheffs so-called Itamae. Itamae is highly skilled cock. They will entertain you not only for the taste of the dish but also the smell and your eyes. For instance, Itamae can make flower out of vegetables like calott. Here, you can feel the Japanese hike of skill of fine arts as of you can find when you visit old temples and shrines. You can feel that the Japanese culture of ancient is alive. So the restaurants in Kyoto is definitely the place you should go.

Third, Kyoto is one of the biggest city in Japan, you can face many modern culture and technology. Kyoto University is the one of the center of the recent research which holds many institutes running ahead of the world. And those institutes are eager to run venture or startup companies. You have chance to visit these companies and institutes if you ask since they are open-minded. In summary, you can see the finest research and business in Kyoto.

In conclusion, you can see many good points of Japan in Kyoto. You can see the ancient and recent Japan in this small city for just one day. So I will strongly recommend you to visit Kyoto if you do not have time for staying long.

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