Two reasons for that people visit museums

TOEFL Essay Topic 12 - Many people visit museums when they travel to new places. Why do you think people visit museums? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Two reasons for that people visit museums

I think it has two reasons for that people visit museums.
First reason is that museum is the only place to see arts or works in this place.
Sometimes we can enjoy an exhibition in Tokyo or Osaka, but it is not all works come to Japan and almost the exhibition is held in big city so the opportunity to enjoy arts is so limited. In addition, building arts are not moved. So we have limitation to see something in museum in new place. Some people say that we can enjoy watching TV program, such as travelling program, however it is long distance between watching arts through TV and facing the real arts.
Second reason is that it is good way to study history and culture in museums. Museum is the faculity to gather a lot of works. The works or arts are shown the history, background, culture, habitats, mode, lives, and so on. They have relevancy. We can read some guide or information, and we can understand and connect the meaning of arts easily. So it is great place to learn the new place’s long history. In many museum, they prepare audio guide in a lot of languages or some guides. If we are lucky, we may study deep and unknown things.
In conclusion, I think that it has two reason that people go to museum in new place. Firstly, it is to see real arts in face. It is different to see through TV travelling program, it is good chance to feel really atmosphere. Secondly, it is to learn the history, culture and so on. Museum gather a lot of works and it is a kind of textbook for us to study ethical things. So in two reasons, many people go to museum when they visit new place.

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