TOEFL Essay Topic 170 - Groups or organizations are an important part of some people`s lives. Why are groups or organizations important to people? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

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Have you ever had such experience that you felt alone when there is nobody else beside you in your house? Have you ever have been excited when you are able to share the information and resource with different persons in a group which you participate in? Or have you ever noticed that you have learned not only the merits of other people and also conquered the drawbacks you see from them? If you have such kinds of experience you will know the reasons why it is so important for people to participate in the organizations. There are a few of them which I will expose below.

The first reason concerns that when people are in a group they will not feel solitary easily.
With no doubt, people who usually think by self, act by self or live by self will, more or less, feel alone sometime. However, when there are so many persons they can communicate with in a group it is almost impossible for them to think so and according to the research by some psychologists, people perform better in an organization they interested than in the time when they act alone.

Secondly, people can get more information from the organization in which the people join and share the common resource they have. A company is a typical example for this. In the company all the staffs share information to their coworkers and use the resource produced by other colleagues in order to move the cooperation toward current goal, which may be impossible to be done by one’s endeavor. With the cooperation of teams, people can accomplish any affairs no matter how hard they are while the ability of one person is limited.

The last but not the least, people can learn a lot by communicating with different varieties of persons in the organization they participate. Owing to there are so many differences between persons, it is quite important to acquire the merits of others and learn how to deal with them, which might help to make one become a more complete person.

In summary, acting by one’s own, as a novel approach to live claimed by quite a number of people, has its own merits such as having more freedom, less communication required and may have greater sense of achievement. However, personally I believe to join with a group or organization has better advantages on account of not feeling lonely, shared information and resource and the most important thing in my opinion: people can be a more complete person by learning merits from others.

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