Try new things!

TOEFL Essay Topic 50 - Some people like to do only what they already do well. Other people prefer to try new things and take risks. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

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Try new things!

Some people would like to do things which they do well before, On the other hand some people would like try new things and take risks. As far as i am concerned I am agree with the second group of people. My argument for holding this opinion is based on the following three reasons.

First, I remember my childhood when I was used to broke many things to know how they works! In our modern world many invention only came from great effort done by many scientist. My intention behind this point is to emphasize on trying new things and taking risks. Many real life example could light this idea, well, today we able to drive a car which was first invented by Henry Ford, We can lit up our house only because of invention of electricity. So the new things come up with many benefits for all human kind.

Second, I also like to take some risks regarding educational purpose. Some students can try something new in their research project. On friend of mine invent F1 racing car in his college project. Admittedly, all these things could make us very affirmative toward our work and try something new. Interest plays very important role to fulfill our job. Nowadays, being able to make something better for human society is very demanded. Moreover, I can say that new things can helpful to explore our mind and give us opportunity to use our knowledge for our sake.

Last but not least, In this modern era people are trying to solve some problems like Globle-Warming and increasing level of Green house gases, Hence we need more research on this major problems and it can only done with new innovative ideas. Nevertheless, as every coin has two faces, likewise take risks and trying new things have some demerits too. Sometime it could be dangerous for people who trying new element’s research in chemical. But collectively they became success because of safety and other security option.

To take in account all these facts, we can reach at the conclusion that always try new things and raking risks are seems good for me rather than adhere with old ideas and thoughts. So always try new because people want these days ‘ What’s new!’

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