Traveling is a favorite recreation for many people, especially for young students. It can enable us not only to accumulate

TOEFL Essay Topic 44 - Some people like to travel with a companion. Other people prefer to travel alone. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

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Traveling is a favorite recreation for many people, especially for young students. It can enable us not only to accumulate

Traveling is a favorite recreation for many people, especially for young students. It can enable us not only to accumulate our knowledge about history, culture, geography and local tradition, but also to edify our minds and spirits greatly. However, upon the question which is better, traveling alone or together with several friends, people seem to have different opinions. Which you prefer depends on your experience, life stycle and personality. As far as I am concerned, I like to trave together with frinds.

The main reason why I prefer to travel with friends is that you can get more relaxation during your traveling. Generally speaking, since there is ofern a long way to go from your residence to scenery spots, many travelers feel tired and dull during the trip. But if your friends talks with you about some funny things in the boring train, how relaxing you are!

A more essential factor why I like to travel with friends is that in case emergence takes places, you can get your friends’ help at the first time. To some extent, travelers usually face some risks. For example, when you climb a large mountain, you can not avoid being hurt by thorns or rocks. Image how bad it is if you are alone at that time. On the contrary, your friends can carry your bag, prepare food for you and send you to hospital as quickly as possible.

In addition, if you travel together with your friends, the friendship between your friends and you can deep further. During the trip, you will exchange and share own views and values with your friends, thus you both can know each other deeply.

Of course, traveling alone has its own merits. You can decide how long you stay in a place and you can cultivate your independent ability. But I still prefer to travel with my friends because I hope to be more relaxed and get deeper friendship.

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