Today, we are living in a rapidly developed society. The science and technology are striding forward with a dramatically fast

TOEFL Essay Topic 64 - Some people prefer to work for themselves or own a business. Others prefer to work for an employer. Would you rather be self-employed, work for someone else, or own a business? Use specific reasons to explain your choice.

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Today, we are living in a rapidly developed society. The science and technology are striding forward with a dramatically fast footstep. The styles of employment are also increasingly diversified. Some people prefer to work for themselves, while other prefer to work for employer. Personally, if I ...

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Money Score: 4.5 June 30th, 2018 by Ko

Without money, we couldn't spend comfortable or happy lives, and working is necessary to live or to bring the families up. These days, in Japan, the number of the start-up companies has increased.
Admitting there is another side of the coin, depending on the value system, or the personal traits, the preferences, and the like, the answer varies from person to person. But all in all, I prefer the latter.
Firstly, I want to earn a lot of money to achieve my dream. As for me, after earning enough money by succeeding my business, I would love to contribute to the world or solve world’s problems: I want to help poor kids all over the world, because I think that I have such a duty, like “Noblesse Oblige”, which means that those who have grown up in the blessed circumstance or those who have privilege have the responsibility to behave with the moral and contribute back to those who have grown up the poor environment. In fact, I have grown up in the good environment: I have eaten whatever and whenever we want. Therefore, I achieve my dream to contribute back to the poor children in the world, I prefer to own a business; I cannot earn enough money by just working for someone else.
Secondly, I can do whatever I want by having my own company. Doing what I want will motivate me for working, and I would think about the work all of the day; I would achieve “work as life”, which is the concept advocated by the noted Japanese scientist, which means to consider about the work all of the time except for sleeping and enjoy our work like our hobbies. This concept occurs due to the technological evolution: the mere workings or many occupations will be replaced by the artificial intelligence. Thus, we have to do what we can get absorb as working. Therefore, I also want to do what I can enjoy very much as working.
As I said, the types of jobs have been changing rapidly and also will change drastically. Hence, we have to discard the stereotype of the occupations and be flexible.

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