Today most of the people work in the companies in the towns or in big cities. Because of they have

TOEFL Essay Topic 15 - Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer.

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Today most of the people work in the companies in the towns or in big cities. Because of they have

Today most of the people work in the companies in the towns or in big cities. Because of they have to live in apartment in the block of flats in the big cities from where they could go very quickly to work. And they have a lot of neighbors around them. Every one of them has different tastes and interests so they often disturb each other. Only few have the chance to live in houses outside the town, away from the annoying neighbors, and go to work by car. Apart from that I think that neighbors could be good have and in the following essay I will mention some of the qualities of good neighbor.

When people live close to each other in an urban environment, the quality of life is directly related to the way they treat each other. Consequently, one of the most obvious qualities for good neighbor is to be quiet, because when people are at home they want to relax calmly in front of the TV or to listen to the music. For example, I have awful neighbors from morning till night they listen music very loudly, so that I could not do my homework for school and sometimes I could not sleep. And also when my neighbor`s dog barks, I get annoyed.

What is more I think that they must also be tactful and reasonable. Neighbors are people near you. But when you choose an apartment to live in, you could not choose your neighbors. It depends on luck to have a good neighbor. And it will be wonderful if you could rely on him/her. For example a young couple which have to go out on business and have to leave his child alone at home. And instead of doing that they could leave their child with their neighbor.

Last but not least neighbors could become good friends. When one of the neighbors make a party and make a lot of noise, which disturb his/her neighbors, he/she could invite them to the party. In this way the reasonable neighbor could cancel their bust of indignation and make new friends.

In conclusion neighbors are a piece of big puzzle called city, we could compare each of them but we could not change them. All we have to do is to keep a positive attitude, respect neighbors` privacy, and be patient to your neighbors.

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