To grow children is sometimes not very easy. Like a parent, I can say that you have to have a

TOEFL Essay Topic 179 - What are some of the qualities of a good parent? Use specific details and examples to explain your answer.

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To grow children is sometimes not very easy. Like a parent, I can say that you have to have a

To grow children is sometimes not very easy. Like a parent, I can say that you have to have a wide variety of qualities in order to be a good parent. But it seems to me that the most important qualities are the following:

First of all you have to be a good communicator. It is very important, because you have to explain different topics in way, which is appropriate for the child’s age. I remember once my 3 year daughter asks me a question why a care has not legs (she means of course tires). After that she needed a long explination about differencies between leaving creatures and non-live objects. Second important quality is trying to be very pacient with your children.

It is widely known, that when your children do unapropriate or even dangerous things it is better not shouting at them, but give some calm and reasonable explinations about their mistakes. Especially, if you have a small chilldren (under 3 years) it is sometimes better to change children attention to other game or object. And the last, but not least every parent has to provide helthy environment for his child. I think it is mean not only to feed him with healthy food, but also to learn children to enjoy some phisical exercises, rather than watch television for long hours.Thus it means to be sometimes strong enouqh to forbid or to limit some activities.

I want to sum up that besides it is very often difficult enough for parents to have all of tjhe qualities, which are mentioned above, every parent have to strive fore them in order to grow healthy and good children.

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