Three traits of ood parents

TOEFL Essay Topic 179 - What are some of the qualities of a good parent? Use specific details and examples to explain your answer.

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Three traits of ood parents

The quality which good parents have are seemingly common. Personally, I believe that good parents set good examples by their own behavior, give children many chances to know their strength and make their children feel being loved.

First and foremost, good parents show example on what is being an responsible adult by themselves. The goal of g owing child is making an independent adult. The most influential way of enlightening kids is not throwing words, but showing real examples. I’ve read many biographies of successful people. Most of book says their parents were hard workers. Children mimic their parents, don’t listen to the words of parents.

Second, good parents let their children experience many sorts of things to know which area is up to them. It is not easy to identify the abilities or preferences of kids. The best way is to go through it in person. My own experience is a good example of this. My parents gave me a lot of chances. Thanks to an event which my mother suggest me to go I realized my interest in painting. Before joining the event I disliked art without valid reason. Without my mother’s help, I wouldn’t be a student in arts school.

Last but not least, good parents endow the sense of self-confidence to their children by showing the deep love. The sense of self-esteem is vital for living, communicating others and beating stress. I hear that this sense can be nurtured by being loved by someone in childhood. It is needless to say that parents are primary responsible for that. We need to be careful about the difference between giving love with no strings attached and giving orders to control children. It is sad that some parents misunderstand it and overly control their kids.

In sum, the qualities that I think good parents should be equipped with are that setting an example as an responsible adult, making children go through many kinds of experience to realize their ability and growing the sense of self-esteem by giving deep love. These are things I am trying to implement in my daily life as a father.

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