Though teenagers are not adults ,they are quite different from the children .They are able to do many things .So

TOEFL Essay Topic 23 - In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.

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Though teenagers are not adults ,they are quite different from the children .They are able to do many things .So

Though teenagers are not adults ,they are quite different from the children .They are able to do many things .So the teenagers working and studying at the same time is a good idea .They can earn some pocket money for themselves.They can get some useful experience for the future job.The part-time job also can make the free time colorful.

Students have not regular jobs.So every time they need money ,they only can ask for their parents .And the money which is given by the parents is limited. They will not give us a lot .They are afraid of that we may waste the money .

Sometimes we can not buy the things that we like very much.But when we have the jobs ,we can earn a lot of money .We can no longer ask for much money from the parents.

When we are working ,we will meet a lot of problems .When we are learning how to deal with these problems ,we also can get the new experience .This kind of experience is very valuable.Because it is got by oneself .We also can learn how to cooperate with the colleagues when we are working .This is a very important thing for a successful person in the future.

Sudents` main jobs are to study .But they also play when they are free.Probably most children just play something is not mainingful.This can only waste the time .If they do some jobs instead of playing at free time ,their lives will be more colorful .They may grow up a lot .

Lives are controled by ourselves .We must do something useful when we are young .Without study ,we can also do some work .It can help us earn some money .Let us have some good experience .Let our free time be colorful.

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