Though everyone will work in different situations such as company, college or university, factory and so on, I think there

TOEFL Essay Topic 18 - What are some important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.

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Though everyone will work in different situations such as company, college or university, factory and so on, I think there

Though everyone will work in different situations such as company, college or university, factory and so on, I think there are the same standards judging a good supervisor in several aspects.

Firstly, a good supervisor treats his/her employee fairly. He wont let an employee do many things and others only do a few things once. If he wants you to do something, he will tell you in advance. Moreover, he wont let you finish a project in a few days which needs half a month indeed. A poor supervisor never considers his employees sense. He usually is rather lazy, so he is very nervous when a project must be done immediately, he will add his fault to his employee. A company will not be a good one if there is a supervisor like this.

Secondly, a good supervisor praises or criticizes in a straightforward attitude. If you do very well, he will praise you and encourage you to do better, at the same time, if you do badly, he will criticize you in front of you directly, he wont tell others here and there you are very bad. And he will not criticize you if you do not very well under the situations he doesnt do how to do and improve work. Furthermore, he will encourage you and believe you will do well next time if you make a mistake.

Thirdly, a good supervisor will care for his employee very much. He can usually notice your feeling and emotion. When you are ill, he will go to hospital and see you in time, and even he will arrange his other employees to see you if he is busy. He loves his employee like loving his estate. Smile often appears in his face when he sees you. A poor supervisor often tenses his face and pretends his seriousness. He never knows his employees situation except their work.. like this supervisor, his employee will not have a good mood when he works. His work will not be done very well.

To my last point, a good supervisor must give his employee an excellent example by himself. He first must work hard, and has a strong responsibility for his company. If he often strolls in the company daily and only supervises his employee to do project, he will let his employee feel irritated.

In a short, a good supervisor treats his employee justly, cares for his employees everything including feeling and emotion, loves his employee like loving his estate and has a strong responsibility for his company and his every employee.

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