There would seem to be two different perspectives presented in the above statement. The first two sentences are concerned with

GRE Essay Topic 281 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "When we concern ourselves with the study of history, we become storytellers. Because we can never know the past directly but must construct it by interpreting evidence, exploring history is more of a creative enterprise than it is an objective pursuit. All historians are storytellers."

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There would seem to be two different perspectives presented in the above statement. The first two sentences are concerned with exploring history and would seem to discuss looking at history that has already been written. People who concern themselves with the study of history are not storytellers...

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Technological progress is an important impulse for the development of today's world. New discoveries put the well-being of every community on a new level which was not affordable before. Every new fining is made based on some premises, requirements and, certainly, in order to achieve a certain goal. Certainly, new technologies allow people to organize their working schedule better and increase the efficiency of their work. Often such improvements lead to a reduction in the amount of time needed to complete a certain task. However, this fact does not mean that the additional time that is left after a quicker completion of work, should be used for leisure. Based on several reasons, having more time for leisure is not the main purpose of technological progress.

First of all, new technologies are designed to make people's life easier. Recent discoveries in the field of communication are a very good demonstration of this point. Nowadays, we can significantly improve our knowledge in a certain field or enlarge our networks and connections while sitting at home. Equipment like mobile phones or softwares like Skype allow us to continuously stay in touch with other people, a fact that people could hardly imagine to be possible, for example, 50 years ago. Moreover, new technologies allow us to improve not only the efficiency, but also the quality of our work. For example, financial analyst are able to make imprortant predictions using different sofware packages where a certain program implements very difficult procedures for them with no possibility of making an error. Therefore, the main goal of technological advancements should be to make people's lives more comfortable not just during their free time, but overall.

Additionally, technological advancement raises the bar in any field and provides with new opportunities for future advancements. People are now able to reach incredible heights using new technologies. For example, Academy Award winning movies like "Avatar" strongly rely on new technologies that allow different talented directers to realize their unique and original ideas. Similarly, new softwares are used in the field of scientific research in order to estimate models that have been too complicated to deal with before. Thus, technological progress allows people to not only define new goals, but also to find new and more efficient ways of achieving the already existing objectives. Therefore, technological advancement should also be considered as a necessary and important condition for the further development of mankind.

While some may argue that people appreciate their free time more than anything, the improvement of life standards does not necessarily mean an increased leisure time. Moreover, spending more and more time on having fun may lead to a degradation of the brain potential of people. Many of us have unique gifts and talents in certain spheres, and we should try to use those talents in the best possible way. Such a strategy would be benficial not only for ourselves, but also for the mankind in general. Finally, if people really like their job, it is very difficult to differentiate between work and leisure. For example, musicians play their instruments around 12 hours a day. They do not do it just for getting more advanced and being successful. They also enjoy playing all the time. Thus, working hours can also be considered as leisure if we really love our profession.

In conclusion, inreasing our free time should not be the main goal of technological progress. With the help of new technologies people are able to organize their whole life in a better way, and not just their free time. Also, every discovery is a ground for new ones, so we should utilize every new opportunity to achieve unprecedented heights. Last, often there is no point of differentiating between our work and free time. This is the case when people consider thoroghly before choosing a profession and pursue careers that they really like.

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