There would seem to be two different perspectives presented in the above statement. The first two sentences are concerned with

GRE Essay Topic 281 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "When we concern ourselves with the study of history, we become storytellers. Because we can never know the past directly but must construct it by interpreting evidence, exploring history is more of a creative enterprise than it is an objective pursuit. All historians are storytellers."

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There would seem to be two different perspectives presented in the above statement. The first two sentences are concerned with exploring history and would seem to discuss looking at history that has already been written. People who concern themselves with the study of history are not storytellers...

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The human population is growing, and , due to globalisation, world is increasingly becoming more an more competitive. In today's workplaces there is always a better way to conduct the tasks one is assigned to.As much as we love to see versatility in an individual,in today's competitive and globalised world, one has be at the top of his game in his field to succeed.

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