There will be a hectic debate about whether to build a new movie theater near our region or not. Building

TOEFL Essay Topic 26 - It has recently been announced that a new movie theater may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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There will be a hectic debate about whether to build a new movie theater near our region or not. Building

There will be a hectic debate about whether to build a new movie theater near our region or not. Building a new movie center will cause some problems such as traffic jam, noises, pollution, but based on the specific case and environment near our community, my point of view is to bolster the scheme.

Living in a small town far from the prosperous city, our community people always complain boring lives during the weekend. If we wish to entertain ourselves with some new version movies, we have to drive a far way to the nearest theater. Although digital cable or satellite TV are available, they are more expensive than the movie tickets. So it is not surprising that many people including I support the plan.

Besides, a new movie center will provide more vocational possibilities. It needs people work in the theater, in the meantime, some new restaurants and shopping center will be lucrative enough to build near the theater for the people to eat and browse before or after they see the movies. All of the new commercial buildings will give more chances for people hunting for jobs in the economic depression period.

The finally aspect that make the choose reasonable is that a new movie center can make people go outside rather than watching senseless TV programs all night. People will meet each other, transfer information and data, update the recent reports among them. Communication is a good tradition, and we can pass it on in our new movie theater.

From what we has been discussed above, that is, a new movie center can enrich our entertainment, make our region more prosperous, and retain some good culture, we may safely draw the conclusion that it is positive to build a new movie center in our neighborhood.

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