There are various people from many different walks of life. Some people prefer to change their lives and explore new

TOEFL Essay Topic 118 - Some people enjoy change, and they look forward to new experiences. Others like their lives to stay the same, and they do not change their usual habits. Compare these two approaches to life. Which approach do you prefer? Explain why.

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There are various people from many different walks of life. Some people prefer to change their lives and explore new

There are various people from many different walks of life. Some people prefer to change their lives and explore new experiences. On the other hand, others would rather spend their lives to stay the same and stick with their regular habits. Thus, there are two approaches to life and they make us feel happy, annoyed, glad or bored.

Think of the people who enjoy changing their lives. They desire to meet new people and go through something new. Another way of saying, they are challenging people. In doing so, new experiences make their lives better and happier than now, they might believe. That’s as may be right or not. To challenge new opportunity always burdens you with an unpredictable risk. Nonetheless, such people keep challenging it in case nobody should be guarantee of it.

In contrast, those who remain unchanged might seem like boredom. Their lives might become usual and bland. Why don’t they go over the wall of an unchanging routine? Because of the burden which means the safety and stable of their lives is threatened by changing their usual habits. They feel contented in their own way so they don’t intend to alter their lives in exchange for sacrifice them to an unexpected world.

There is a story about a wolf and a dog. The starving wolf tried to contract with the satisfied dog on condition that enough feed and comfortable sleep. The wolf, however, couldn’t conclude engagement in order to look at the dog’s color. He chose freedom! It seems to me that story applies to the case of changing people and unchanging people.

I would rather try to change my life for the better. I know there are some risk of possible losing. But, I think we should do all we can to challenge new opportunity and to find it.

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