There are various methods for people to study. Some people would like to study with their teachers, but others believe

TOEFL Essay Topic 17 - Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to have a teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to develop your essay.

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There are various methods for people to study. Some people would like to study with their teachers, but others believe

There are various methods for people to study. Some people would like to study with their teachers, but others believe that it will be better to study alone. Actually, both means have comparable advantages. Personally, however, I am confident that studying with teachers is the best way to learn for many reasons.

First of all, teachers can give students their experiences that do not exist in any text book. Other than academic practice, teachers will teach their students how to work in teams, how to live with other people in societies, how to handle with stress, etc. These experiences are sometimes as important as academic knowledge, but students will never perceive them if they study alone.

Next, teachers can be the consultants for their students. When people study maths, for instance, they will face sooner or later some clues that they cannot find solutions. Teachers then can play the vital role to help their students get through it thoroughly. If students study without teachers, can you imagine how much time will be spent on those problems?

Lastly, teachers can help shape their students` future careers. Teachers will perhaps be the ones who know their students academic ability the best. Therefore, they can guide students to choose careers that exactly fit their ability. For examples, teachers will encourage students who are good at sciences to be doctors, or who are excellent in maths to be businessmen.

All in all, I strongly believe that advantages of studying with teachers totally supercede studying alone; teachers will give their experiences, teachers can be good consults, and teachers can help match their students abilities to careers.

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