There are so many things we want to possess need to spend money, such as a piece of jewelry, tickets

TOEFL Essay Topic 33 - You have received a gift of money. The money is enough to buy either a piece of jewelry you like or tickets to a concert you want to attend. Which would you buy? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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There are so many things we want to possess need to spend money, such as a piece of jewelry, tickets

There are so many things we want to possess need to spend money, such as a piece of jewelry, tickets to a concert and a modern car. If I have received a gift of money and the money is enough to buy either a piece of jewelry or tickets to a concert, I will buy the latter. The purpose of my essay is to address the reasons that make me decide.

The most significant reason is the internal value the tickets to a concert have. A piece of jewelry is a piece of jewelry, no matter where you wear, no matter how you use, what you get is only a piece of jewelry. But a concert ticket is different. For example, someone attends to the concert, listens the music carefully and quietly, and is intoxicated with the splendid and superb music. In this case, the one deeply feels the emotion, background and meaning of the music, which make him in a high spirit, upgrade his graceful taste and improve his ability to appreciate. And what he obtains from the concert can not buy by using money and more valuable than the concert tickets. It is obvious that a concert ticket has a wonderful and plentiful internal value that can not be measured by money. And the price of a piece of jewelry determines its value.

On the other hand, safety is another considerable importance. People always heard about someones jewelry was robbed, but seldom or never heard someones tickets to concert were robbed. For example, if someone goes out, wearing a piece of jewelry, she will always keep an eye on her jewelry so carefully and cautiously that she may do things absent-mindedly. And if she goes out, wearing the jewelry on the unknown place, then the purpose of wearing jewelry will lose. But if she brings some tickets to concert with her, she will not be so alert and can do things relaxedly and casually. Because in most of the cases, the concert tickets do not attract the robbers. Therefore, it is safer to take tickets to a concert than to take a piece of jewelry outside.

In conclusion, I prefer to buy tickets to a concert than a piece of jewelry if I have received a gift of money. It is natural and logic because of the wonderful and plentiful internal value the concert tickets bring and the safety for their owner.

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