The world we living in is a very competitive place by its nature. Therefore, people need to learn how to

TOEFL Essay Topic 72 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Grades (marks) encourage students to learn. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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The world we living in is a very competitive place by its nature. Therefore, people need to learn how to

The world we living in is a very competitive place by its nature. Therefore, people need to learn how to take part in this race and be competitive as early as in elementary school, a place where we all start to receive our first grades. Some liberated minds may think that grading students is not necessary and encourage them to excessively compete among each other, although, I think that system of grading is very important part of any studying process, and it

does encourage students to maintain a better performance.

First of all, earning marks consistently during school years leaves student with documented record of his performance, which enables to truck his progress and, perhaps, guide him when necessary as well as encourage him to compete with his peers.

Secondly, by this meens students are encouraged to develop sence of a real world environment, which they all will have to inevitably face in their later years. And needless to say that the modern world is a very competetive and demanding place(in terms of variety of different skills and knowledge one has to possess in order to excel).

Finally, without school marks it would be impossible to compare students` performance. And thus, without using previous high school graides colleges and universities could not make a resonable decision about student` enrolment for some particular course.

The above points lead us to conclusion that grades do encourage students to learn, and grades are the necessary and important attribute of any learning process.

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