The school for studying in the future

TOEFL Essay Topic 157 - In the future, students may have the choice of studying at home by using technology such as computers or television or of studying at traditional schools. Which would you prefer? Use reasons and specific details to explain your choice.

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The school for studying in the future

Nowadays technology is becoming more and more efficient in its methods and is a fundamental part of people’s everyday live including the learning part. Computers and televisions in the future may be a choice for students when they’ll have the chance to choose where they’ll want to study.
This freedom to chose between computers and televisions instead of traditional schools for learning varies from person to person and i rather prefer studying in a tradicional school for a variaty of reasons.

The first reason i would chose a tradicional school over a technology is that undoubtly in the tradicional schools you have easier access teachers, this means that whenever you have a question or a doubt you can go to your teacher’s office and expose him your doubt and if he can he will help you.
this kind of situation has happened to me a lot of times, that’s why i defend tradicional schools. It’s true that sometimes teachers are not avaiable but you may find a class mate or other teacher that may also help you.

The second reason why i would chose the tradicional school is because i think that learning throughout technology is impersonal and being stuck at home looking at a computer or a television everyday among other causes, will lead people not to socialize and become alone and in my opinion this could led to serious psycological problems.
And in tradicional school besides learning you have access to all kinds of social events, such as going for a coffee with classmates, talking to them during the breaks and participating in activities related to school.

In conclusion, tradicional school is for me the best method of learning and the one i would chose if i had to do so.
Besides learning you can participate in all kind of activities with other classmates, among all subjacent factors about tradicional schools.
And the fact that you are learning in a tradicional school does not meat that you can’t use technology to help you out on a work.

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