The issue is whether people should enjoy change or stay the same. Different people hold different views due to their

TOEFL Essay Topic 118 - Some people enjoy change, and they look forward to new experiences. Others like their lives to stay the same, and they do not change their usual habits. Compare these two approaches to life. Which approach do you prefer? Explain why.

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The issue is whether people should enjoy change or stay the same. Different people hold different views due to their

The issue is whether people should enjoy change or stay the same. Different people hold different views due to their respective angles. Some think that people sould enjoy change; others probably believe that people should like their lives to stay the same. Therefore there is not a universal answer, we do not have to look very far to see the standpoint of the matter. Staying the same has its advantages, but at the mean time, it has many disadvantages, too. In my point of view, I prefer change rather than staying the same. My arguements are listed as follow.

There are numerous reasons why I prefer change, and I would in here explain a few of the most important ones. The main reason is that in the modern and competitive society, everything is friquently changing and the new information occurs everyday.We should get the information and keep up with the change of the trend. Therefore, we will be competitive in our job and work. People who can enjoy change are those who are keep trying to make the business efficient and profitable. They can also get the promotion in their job.Under the circumstance, it is obvious that those who enjoy change can be more suitable to live in the modern life than those who like to their lives to stay the same.

In addition, another reason for me to choose this statement is that enjoying change make people full of creativity. These kind of people will think and create a lot of differnet concept, and they are not waiting to receive the same lives and traditional ways of thinking. As far as I know, they want to create different kinds of lives. Therefore, they choose to enjoy change. For example, many people who live in the small countries have a concept that they want to be different from traditional ones. Therefore they leave their hometowns and go to the big citites to live. They think that living in the modern cities has many interesting and challengous in thier life and job. In other words, it means that they can encounter many diffenent people, things, and recreation. This makes these people feel exciting and enjoy change.

Of course, no one can deny that staying in the same lives has many advantages in some conditions.We should neglect the fact that staying in the smae lives makeS us more and more relaxed. We will not be neverous and have a lot of burden everyday. We also need not to live rushing lives. However, that will not be my life.

After considering the above-mentioned reasons, I conclude that enjoying change lives is a wise choice. Such experience will definitely be helpful in my later life.

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