The Internet is better media for research

TOEFL Essay Topic 1066 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to use printed material such as books and articles to do research than it is to use the internet. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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The Internet is better media for research

There should be a lot of discussion on whether you should use the paper books or the internet for your research. Some will say that the hardcopy books are better since it is reliable. However, I strongly believe that it is better for you to use the internet. I would like to use the following reasons to describe why I believe so.

First of all, the amount of information you can find is a part of huge difference between the media. You can find a lot of information on the internet. Even though the information from books may be reliable and trustworthy because the editor or someone have checked before they are published, the amount of the information can overcome the demerit. As long as you have literacy to identify which information is correct or worthy, the internet is likely delivering you the best information you need. So the amount of the information from the internet will benefit you.
In addition, the information on the internet is new. You can find current situation of any issues thorough the internet. Since the books and articles are needed to be edit or checked, they tend to take more time to be published than the internet information. For example, recent people will look up the twitter at the time of the earth quake. Twitter is now thought to be a reliable source of information to know the damage of the earth quake. Also, many blogs are much faster to respond the market, new products, new services, or so on than the articles which study carefully. Therefore, the new information which is valuable for you is coming from the internet.

Third, the internet does not require you to go to somewhere. If you are relying on the paper media, you have to go to the library or the bookstore. It also means that you have limitation of time to access to the media or information. Seldom the libraries and opening 24hour. Therefore, the internet will benefit you by eliminating the limitation of the accessibility to the media.
At last but not least, because the data on the internet is electrically made, it is easy to copy and edit. This will help researchers a lot by saving their time. If you are using the hardcopy media, you need to write the data down on to your notes or computer in order to create your own research paper. The time of writing down is completely meaningless. For instance, the people from 1900’s are spending much time in the library to write the information down. Just for copying!! The research should have been improved much more if there had been the electric device. Thus the media type, the information on, can influence the productivity of the researchers a lot.

From the above reasons, I definitely believe that the internet is superior to the books and the articles in order to find the appropriate information for your research.

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