The influence of classmates is more significant

TOEFL Essay Topic 66 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Classmates are a more important influence than parents on a child`s success in school. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Some people may assert that parents influence their children predominantly compared to classmates regarding children's success in schools. Others may state the opposite view. In my opinion, the influence of classmates on children is dominant in their successful life in schools for three reasons, ...

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Some people think that the parents will influence their child more than classmates of their child for success in school. But I strongly believe that child will be influenced by their classmates for following reasons.

First of all, children will spend more time with their classmates than the parents of the child. It means that they have more opportunities to influence each other. They can teach each other and can motivate each other during they spend a long time with. For instance, I have experience in teaching my school friends each other. My parents were both teachers. And they can teach many things about subjects I was learning in school. However, it was difficult for them to lecture me enough time since they were too busy for their own business. So I decided to promote so-called math camp or science camp. And we succeeded scoring better in every exam. This example shows teaching each other can have enough time for children to learn subjects than teaching by their parents.

Secondly, parents cannot tell why the child is wrong since they know how to solve the questions. On the other hand, a child can tell why the answer is wrong if they did the same mistake as his or her friend. For example, one of my friends runs tutorial service company for high school students. And he always asks the university students who live near to be the tutorial teacher. One reason why he does so is because of the low payment of university students compared with those who are specialists of teaching like former high school teachers. However, the biggest reason why he asks the university students is that the students from university have experienced the difficulty of learning and these are more fresh memories than the high school teachers or other special teachers. And this means that who learn in a university can help high school students better. Also, I like to say strongly my friend’s tutorial business is in huge success since the students learn in his tutorial course have succeeded very well. As this fact illustrates it is the good way for children teaching each other as the way I mentioned above.

Therefore, I definitely believe that the classmates are a more important influence on the child than the parents for success in education.

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