The human life is so short that one cannot learn all the knowledge he wants only from the experience he

TOEFL Essay Topic 4 - It has been said, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books." Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

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The human life is so short that one cannot learn all the knowledge he wants only from the experience he

The human life is so short that one cannot learn all the knowledge he wants only from the experience he gain. There the books come. They are an experience of life gathered by a man with precious views and ideas. Both, the books and the real life form a man’s background, but which of them is more important?

When you read a book written by a talented author, you are as a part of another world. You communicate with the book and its author and in this communication you build both, knowledge for yourself, for example what kind of ideas you can shear, and knowledge for the part of the world presented by the novel. A classic novel as A Farewell to Arms can teach you not only what war is, but also why it is bad for humanity. You belief in peace after fiction as this Hemingway’s piece of art, though you do not have an experience of fighting or murdering.

Real experience is usually gained by the method of tries and errors. This is what makes it valuable, because there is very important for a human being to learn from its own mistakes. Every knowledge received by real life gives you the confidence to go on through your most important journey – living. What do not kill us makes us stronger. I learn this from myself; because I do not afraid of failures, knowing that next time I shall correct myself and win.

I know, I cannot live without my books. They are my guidance light, lightening the obscure paths of existing. But I also know, that without the real life, where I practice the knowledge gained by them, they would be useless.

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