The Fans Model Impacts on the C2C business Model in China

TOEFL Essay Topic 82 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Advertising can tell you a lot about a country. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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The Fans Model Impacts on the C2C business Model in China

The introduction of this essay contains three parts: definition, operation and development of Fans Model and C2C.
C2C e-commerce is a professional term, it means that consumers’ behavior between individuals on the internet. The first character ”C” refers to the consumer, because the consumer is the English word Customer (Consumer), and the second character“2” is “to” actually, because they have same pronunciation, so the “C to C” is abbreviated as “C2C”. However, in recent years, there is a new type business model that named Fans Model. Fans Model means that someone who has a good appearance or unique talent attracts huge fans by publishing beautiful pictures and videoes on social media, and changes these fans into customers.

In order to operate the Fans Model successfully, only has many followers on social platforms is not enough, there is also need a popular Taobao shop. Due to the strong cashability, Taobao has become the largest promotion platform in China. According to Jin Ke, one of the directors of Taobao, says that Fans Model is inevitable, because of the openness of Taobao platform. Many net celebrities start to open Taobao shop and change their huge fans into big markets and countless money. When the Fans Model rising, Taobao platform has appeared some hatch companies to cultivate net celebrities, like “Li Durian home” and “Li home”. These companies was a successful Taobao owners originally, then these companies start to cooperation with the net celebrities, these hatch companies focus on daily operations and supply chain store construction and design, while net celebrities are responsible for attracting, communicating, and recommending items to fans.

Taobao owner of Dong Xiaosa who is a broadcast on a some media platform, there are thousands of millions of audiences to watch her program. With the support of the fans, just over a year’s time, Dong Xiaosa opened a Taobao shop and achieved three Gold Crown stores within one year, and the monthly income can reach six figures or more.
Zhang Dayi, shopkeeper online, has 1.93 million fans on the Weibo. In May 2014, she opened her own Taobao shop “i enjoy my clothespress” on the line and had four crown within less a year to do four crown. Whenever her store has new products, the day saleroom must be a number one in the whole Taobao. This two persons are just a part of Fans Model’s epitome. It is reported that there are already more than 1000 net celebrities’ shop on Taobao platform. Some shop can break 10 million yuan when they start to sell new products, and can do the performance as well as some well-known clothing brands.

Some net celebrities such as Sister Lotus is popular with coincidental factors, while major of net celebrities are trained by Training Company, where provide development guide, also teaches self-marketing skills. ” Net Celebrity ” generation is not spontaneous , but the result of network media environment, network pushing hands , traditional media and the audience psychological needs and other communities of interest combined effects.

According to ” 2016 China Social Media Kay degree Impact Report “,the most popular is entertainment content. Some open media platforms provide a low sill and entertainment contents can quickly accumulate a large number of fans. But the content does not meet the social mainstream values ​​curiosity and vulgar. Some net celebrities only a very short famous life and can not last too long, because between net celebrities, there are a lot of serious problems such as copy behaviors, these contents repeated again and again to make audiences feel tried. In addition, Fans Model’s industry chain is still in a growth stage, which lacks of comprehensive laws and regulations. This model as a new advertising and marketing model will continue to exist, but it can play a potential value depends on the content of production and ways to generate revenue for new exploration.

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