The dominance of black people in US sport

IELTS Essay Topic 1047 - The dominance of black people in US sport is due to sociological rather than physiological factors. Discuss.

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Racial constitution has been more diverse in the United States, and black people have obtained the social status as the part of heterogenious community. In particular, their perofomance in the sports is outstanding and has been the dominant in the US sport. I think that this situation attributes ...

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Dominance of Black people in sport Score: 4.5 February 22nd, 2011 by

Sports test your mental and physical attributes.You need to be on top of the game if you are a sports-person.Lately,There is a debate regarding the reason as to why black people are dominating in US sports,whether it is based on sociological factors or due to physiological factors.I believe it to be due to sociological factors.

Black people have suffered a lot in ancient times.Most of them served as slaves.They were always physically and mentally fit to survive the day to day onslaught.They had to ruin a lot of physical errands for their masters and also had to bear their brunt in case they failed to execute any order given by their masters.We can even see that black people from Africa were captured and used as gladiators in the Roman arena.They had to fight till the end to survive.Due to the sociological factors, the physical and mental attributes of black people were enhanced as a mechanism of survival and it was passed on via genes to the future generations.
Another reason for black people dominance in US sports is due to the large scale immigration from Africa and other countries into US.

Yes there have been physiological factors too which have contributed to dominance of black people in games like Basketball,Football since for these games,lot of endurance is needed.Genetics have blessed them with a good height and normally a athletic body.Morever,black people have in them a natural ability to survive.
However it is to be noted that these qualities have been ingrained in black people due to the centuries of suffering endured by them causing evolution of the body defence mechanism.

In conclusion,due to the constant oppression of society on black people for more than a century,the survival mechanism in every black human was triggered off causing modifications of genes to enhance the physical and mental attributes.Also there was a large scale migration of black people in US.Hence due to this sociological reasons,black people dominate US sports

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