the choice of two kinds of jobs

TOEFL Essay Topic 71 - Which would you choose: a high-paying job with long hours that would give you little time with family and friends or a lower-paying job with shorter hours that would give you more time with family and friends? Explain your choice, using specific reasons and details.

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the choice of two kinds of jobs

when choosing a job, most people would think the payment that the job offers is the most important thing. Once they earned enough money, they can have a long vacation to fully enjoy themselves. However, from my perspective,inspiration and encouragement is what makes a person creative, one can’t do a job well if he or she feels tired, so the second choice, a lower-paying job with shorter hours is my choice.

on the one hand, High pay gives us a chance to enjoy a more luxious life, such as expensive clothe, magnificent restuarants, good household and so on.

on the other hand, free time gives us the chance to be with the ones we love, we can improve the relationships with our family members and friends. We can feel love and surpport around us and we would not be lonely.Money can buy obeisance,but it can’t buy love. At the same time, it allows us to dovote more time to the thing we want to do, such as different kinds of sports, music concerts, which will make our lives colourful and meaningful. All those above contribute to a good mood which maight give a positive effect on one’s work as well.

to conclude, choosing a job with lower pay but more free time is definitely a good choice both for your daily life and for your work itself.

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