The behaviour of a human beings is greatly influenced by society, it’s environment and education. Since television and movies gained

TOEFL Essay Topic 7 - How do movies or television influence people`s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

Author: Harry12 | Date: January 7, 2010 | Score:6

The behaviour of a human beings is greatly influenced by society, it's environment and education. Since television and movies gained popularity and became widely accessible, their influence on the behaviour of people has constantly risen. Unfortunately, the negative interferences outweigh the ben...

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I like domestic movies much better since I could better appreciate and connect with what is presented in domestic movies and TV programs.

I believe everyone would like it when there are some familiar faces in movies and TV programs. This is especially true for me. If you ask me what my favorite movie is, the answer is definitely the Crazy Stone. Of course, the storyline of it is fancy and amazing, but among thousands movies with great plots, this movie is still on the top positon of the list simply because of my favorite actor Huang Bo. When seeing him on the giant screen, I couldn`t help myself from screaming. Also, I like the movie Secret because of Jay Chow; I love the movie Red Sorghum because of Gong Li. They are all domestic star that we audience are familiar with. But with the foreign movies, it`s a totally different story and I really find it difficult to be fascinated by a movie or a TV drama when I know nothing about the leading actor.

And now let`s talk about the specific content of the movies or the TV programs. Sometimes I really find foreign TV programs “obscure� or “weird� rather than interesting and appealing, mostly because of the culture differences. For instance, once I was watching the program “Saturday Night Live� with my friend Lisa, an American. Somehow the program was trying to uglify Barack Obama by putting his picture together with a picture of a gorilla, meaning that they looked exactly the same. Lisa immediately burst into laughter, and she just could not help herself. But I sit still there. Was I supposed to laugh? Lisa saw my face, and explained, “Easy there, it's no big of a deal. It's just a joke.� In fact, she was right—in the US everyone could even make fun of the president, since their culture is open; but for Chinese people, this is still the forbidden area, so we feel weird at this spot. This kind of “culture shock� occurs not only in interpersonal communication, but also in how we define a movie or
TV program.

I think I have made myself quite clear: domestic films and programs are more interesting to me.

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