The amount of cars will still increase in the future

GENERAL Essay Topic 1859 - The amount of cars is increasing so greatly

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The amount of cars will still increase in the future

Cars are important for human nowadays. Though they make people’s life more convenient, their negative effect on environment also proves controversial. But as far as I am concerned, the numbers of cars in used will not decrease in twenty years. I feel this way for two reasons, which will explore in the following essay.

To begin with, with the development of technology, I believe that cars which use clear energy will be created in the future, which means people do not need to worry if cars will do harm to environment. As an evidence, many scientists are trying to find out new energy which is environment-friendly. At the same time, electron cars are being used by practice. All of the fact above indicate that it is possible for human in the future use cars without ruin the environment.

Further more, it is a tendency that cars become more and more available for human being in both price and skill. With the automatic drive technique comes out, people who do not have much driving skill will be able to drive in the futures. Which means the numbers of people who drive cars will become larger than nowadays.

Someone may argue that the growing of public transit system such as bus and subway in the future will affect the use of cars. But in fact, it is impossible for public transit system to cover all the area because the costs are too much than the government can afford. There still some places that only people who have cars can arrived.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that cars will not be replaced in twenty years. This is because with the development of technology, cars will still be important tools for human being, so that peoples are hard to get rid of it.

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